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11th - 12th May, 2017 Senate Bhavan, University of Mysore , Manasagangotri , Mysore
Education India 2017
National Conference on ICT in Education
Perspectives, Practices and Possibilities

Young Researchers' Forum- Presentation Schedule

About the Event

Digital Technologies or Information and Communication Technologies or ICTs increasingly impact the socio-cultural, political, economic and personal dimensions of our lives. Over the last decade, personal digital devices, the World Wide Web and social networking have brought about fundamental changes in the basic human processes of communication, access and use of information. Today, ICTs are being integrated into a wide range of educational activities, from the classroom, to teaching, nature of materials and managing education. Educational applications, games, interactive new media, massive online open courses and learning management systems have provided new ways of organizing and managing learning.

The design of technology architecture is neither neutral nor benign. Educationists are concerned with larger forces shaping society and are visualizing purpose of education as helping the understanding and response to these forces. ICTs could enable working at scale, reducing inefficiencies and supporting participation and collaboration. However, ICTs can also be exclusionary, centralize control and increase vulnerability.

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The two day conference will bring together industry veterans to interact and draw attention to best practices and promote innovation to capture consumer interest that will help grow the India Education Sector.

Conference Agenda

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  • The conference will provide a forum for sharing principles, ideas and experiences on good uses and bad uses of ICTs in education. This is concerning the quality of teaching/learning in schools and of teacher education. The conference will also highlight challenges faced in adoption and scaling.
  • The sessions will exemplify innovative, relevant and progressive integration of ICTs and its impact on learners, teachers, teacher educators, education administrators and policy makers. It will examine future trends especially in the Indian school context
Sub Themes
The following will be the sub themes for the sessions:
  • ICT and Learning in schools
  • ICT and Teacher Education
  • ICT and School Administration.
  • Leveraging experiences from other fields (higher education,)
  • Policy environment and way forward

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